What happens if the referendum fails?

If a majority of the voters voting on the operating referendum vote in opposition, DCSC will not  have the funding necessary for Delphi schools to retain teachers, keep class sizes low and  provide the curriculum offerings the students need. Voters only need to look at the problems  other school districts like Elkhart Community Schools have experienced after their referendum  failed. 

Budget cuts would have to be made in critical areas. Without the referendum and the flexibility it  provides in funding, class sizes will have to increase. In addition to larger class sizes this will  also mean fewer opportunities for students. 

Another public question on the same or substantially similar referendum may not be submitted  to the voters earlier than two years after the date of the election without a petition of voters to  allow it in one year. The earliest the referendum could be presented would be the November  2024 election. DCSC would not be able to receive the critical referendum funding beginning in  January 2023.