What other funding issues occurred?

DCSC revenue remained stagnant but inflation did not. Prior to 2019, DCSC actually had a “reduction in force” (cutting positions) which alleviated the stagnate revenue issues but cut programming and increased class sizes. The schools did not fill positions that were vacated. Delphi Community School Corporation is actually one of the few public school corporations in Indiana that do not have a curriculum director, instructional coaches, test coordinator, or grant facilitator.  These positions were all absorbed into roles of the current administration which has led to a loss of administrators. Absorbing multiple positions created the appearance of looking fiscally sound, but it came at the cost of being educationally poor. Additionally, some programming was added (fine arts, Project Lead the Way, additional school nurses and other required state positions – English Learner Teacher of Record) and were slowly depleting the rainy day account that once contained 2 million dollars. The COVID 19/ESSER money from the state & federal funds has helped tremendously, but that money must be spent by 2024. The current stagnant revenue from the state and the current property tax that we are collecting is not sustainable.  Last year’s budget the school board did drop the property tax rate for our community. The board is trying to be fiscally responsible with our community tax dollars, yet we must give our students the best education possible.