Will school lunch service and servings be impacted by the referendum?

Delphi Community School Corporation is having a difficult time competing with area wages for  support staff.  This school year the district has been significantly short staffed in the cafeteria department in all school buildings, especially middle school and high school. This has caused a significant issue with meal preparations and being able to offer a variety of meals due to the lack of staffing to prepare and serve food. Thus, this impacts the quality and variety of the meals. This is an area of concern that the referendum would help address.  We need to raise the hourly wage for all support staff which includes the cafeteria staff to assist in filling vacant roles which would allow better preparation and meal options for DCSC students. Currently, DCSC is not competitive in pay amount, and thus are having a difficult time finding employees to work in the cafeteria. With the current level of revenue that DCSC receives from the state and property taxes, we cannot afford to pay hourly staff the wages they deserve.